We all love her. Even with her bruises and freaky tendencies. What is it about this girl that we all can’t resist? Well, she’s young, she’s successful and is not afraid to do things her way, even with the paparatzi watching her every move. This lady has guts, I guess that’s what having money does to you? She’s the good girl gone bad, she’s a trend setter and yep, she’s got swag. This lady is on top of her game.

Latest news reveal that Rihanna and Rob, Kim Kardashians brother, hooked up while they were both coincidently in London. Apparently Rob has had a crush on Rihanna for a while and luckily for him, the red-haired bombshell is single and up for a ride. Sure we all have our inquisitions on what’s going on between Chris Brown and Rihanna right now especially since their hot collaboration single, ‘Birthday cake’ I’m sure we all know what type of cake those two were singing about… Probably black current. Now what’s in it for Rob? Does anyone care? Rob who? We all know that Riri and Chris will make-up and poison themselves after a few years… Its romantic :-), a Romeo and Juliet type of ending.

On the money making side Rihanna is adamant about starting her own reality show. She is already said to be talking to TV stations about producing a reality show based on hers and Chris’ reunion ‘ Rihanna thinks it will not only be compulsive viewing, it will also let people around the world see that Chris has really changed.’ Blah blah blah get a room already.

It business as usual for the artist, her album ‘TalkthatTalk’ is doing well on the charts and fans are going crazy. We know this cause of the high rate manufacturing of red weaves. Trend setter are you following?