As we wrap up 2012 I’m sure we all have some memorable moments. Some we wish to forget and others we wish we could live them all over again. At the beginning of every year we all reflect on the previous year and think about what we achieved, what we almost achieved and what we could have done better. New year’s resolution are a part of every individuals life whether it be in the form of goals, to do’s or not to do’s or a personal diary that has your dreams written in them. Many people run away from saying that they have New Year resolutions, but fact is, we all have or want to try a different method in the New Year. I mean who wants to live 2013 the same way that they lived 2012?

When you reminisce on the previous year you think about your achievements. Some you’ve achieved well, and well others you’ve failed dismally. You think about friends, the ones you’ve kept, the ones that kind of just got lost in the ocean and the new ones that you’ve made. One thing is certain though, everyone you meet in your life has a purpose. Everyone that is now out of your life has clearly served their purpose.

The year comes to an end and with no doubt you think about  what you could have excelled at; save more money, spent more time with the loved ones, buy a car, get a better job (that’s if you have one), smoke less, attend church more often and maybe join the gym. If you’re one of the lucky ones and have been given another chance and another year, take the opportunity and seize it, move away from the notion of a routine lifestyle. Yes we know you’ll be in Brazilian weave (again), we know where to find you every weekend (*rolls eyes* GoodSundae), we know you’ll be in Durban in December and we know you’ll get another tattoo (seriously overrated though). I’m not saying change your entire life, everyone needs a little change sometime, something different, something to look forward to in the New Year. Don’t be typical. Don’t be the same old Karabo or Sarah that we’ve known since 2003.

Do something different Reflect and Progress.