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The New It Girl


Nomuzi Mabena also know as ‘Moozlie’ your favourite bold chick, has finally risen and was crowned the MTV Base VJ for 2012. It hasn’t been an easy road for this young 20 year old lady as she was a live finalist but didn’t win the live presenter search. Well you know what they say, when one door closes another opens.

If you watched the VJ search finale you would have seen how Nomuzi rocked the stage and killed her interview with music sensation Toya delazy. Its a good thing that she came out first. Her presence is amazing and she just knows how to get it right.

During the grand finale Nomzamo Mbatha, one of the finalists came in with confidence but I think her nerves got the better of her towards the end as she was interviewing L-tido who was one of the artists that performed on the night. Maybe Nomzamo was a little bit star struck, hey do you blame her?

Naledi Radebe, one of the other finalists cracked under pressure. Within 5 seconds of her presentation, she froze. She did manage to continue after one of the judges, Tim Horwood, encouraged her to go on. Well, It was a clear win for Nomuzi.

Yes indeed she is the new it girl. We have seen the likes of Bonang Matheba ruling the it girl position in the past years, Minenhle Dlamini for a few months aswell. Well ladies and gentlemen make way for your favourite bold chick Nomuzi Mabena. Catch her on ETV, Club808 on Fridays at 19h30 and on MTV Base a long side Sizwe Dlomo.



Patience Is A Virtue

If you have been through a numerous or a couple of jobs, you are bound to have had that one boss. The one that gives you a pile of work too data capture, the one that sends you to the fourth street knowing darn well that it’s raining outside, the one that makes you get their coffee and sends you back because you put in three sugars instead of two, ‘like how the hell was I suppose to know’.

If you’re a graduate or a job seeker you’ll know that it’s not easy out there. You probably have changed ‘jobs’ more than three times already, not because you want to but simple because it’s convenient for the company to chuck you out. Hahahhaha don’t take this the hard way but that’s just how things work these days. Its either you’re a temporary employee (temp), a casual worker, or an Independent Operator (IO). What these fancy words mean is basically that companies avoid rewarding you with certain benefits that a normal, permanent employee would receive. These benefits may include pension fund, paying your ass a bonus at the end of the year, they avoid sick leave since you get paid per hour therefore no work, no pay (and you’re not going to strike for sh*t because they will fire yow ass and replace you just like that) so get a grip and do what you have to do to beat the cycle of unemployment.

So my question is, do you regard yourself as unemployed when you’re a casual or temp worker?

When starting out your career you’ll face many challenges that will be crucial or you career and personal growth. The secret now is making the system work for you. Making sure that you have multiple flows of income is important when you’re a temp or when you’re unemployed, because believe it or not applications can cost up to R300 a month if you’re an active temp or active job seeker. Money is always a contributing factor.

‘Employment’ such as waitressing, promotions and being a cashier will serve as options for many of us. You can not be a graduate and regard waitressing as ‘employment’. As much as they say we’re picky, YES WE ARE! Sooner or later a well established company will recognise your efforts and will find you worthy for a position you deserve, giving up is never an option.

Making the system work for you means that you cannot spend more than 4 days just sitting at home playing Mavis, there’s part-time or ‘in the meantime’ employment waiting for you out there. Even if it means you’re doing it for free. Companies are more likely to employ some-one who has been doing something, rather than some-one who hasn’t been doing anything the whole year.

So let’s think about it, it’s not fair, but it’s better to adapt than to retract. The bosses that are horrible to you because they know that you’re destined for something better, they’re merely just preparing you for the future. Patience is a virtue because when opportunities come flooding you be left speechless or say ‘unemployment you can **** my ***.