For the past couple of years we have seen an increase in the fondness of natural hair. It’s been a tough battle for natural hair lovers as they face the temptation of fake hair. Let me not call it ‘fake hair’ as a fancy, less derogatory name has been created for it. Urban girls and ladies call it ‘the weave’. Don’t get me wrong weave is great and brings out your outer beauty, it works for many of us. Reality is though, your hair needs to rest, imagine being stuck in a stuffy room for months? Not cool hey. Just as so, our hair needs fresh air. Different artists and hair technologists have seen this niche.

The natural hair trend has increased as from 2008 till present. In 2008, the Afro was making waves, allowing for African sisters to resist the weave since the afro was a less expensive alternative. Dreadlocks as well became a big hooha, young girls were moving towards this trend as it was then not seen as ‘i-hairstyle yo-auntie.’ Although with many attachments to the dreadlock hairstyle, it has made phenomenal changes to the fashion industry as celebrities such as Samkelo Ndlovu have been rocking it.

Famous for its status, weave has been proven to damage natural hair. Whether the weave is Brazilian, Indian, or Hong Kong, a weak hairline plus fake hair will result in a non-existent hairline *smh*. Weave does not care who you are or how much you earn. You could be the girl next-door, Naomi Campbell or Khanyi Mbau. Give that weave a chance to destroy you and you will be destroyed.

Part of the many reasons as to why natural hair is trending is that people are starting to release that these weaves we pay R500 – R 5000 for, aren’t the long term asset they claim to be. We have been introduced to better long term beneficial alternatives. In 2010 we saw the rise of ‘the Mohawk.’ Though it did not work for all of us *smh* it was sexy funk and hippy adding to the whole swagger culture. New to our KZN territory is the ‘dry curl’ and ‘dry perm’ hair-do. These have been trending in Johannesburg for over a year now, worn by the likes of Noni Gasa and Azania Ndoro.

Let us take pride in our natural hair and take care of our hairlines. We do not want our hairline to look like Naomi Campbell at the age of 26. Think long term.