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  1. Watch the news: there is nothing as interesting as South African news right now. On the tip of many tongues is athlete Ludwick Mamabolo, the winner of 2012 comrades marathon. He has been tested positive for an unprohibited stimulant. The stimulant provides athletes with energy, it can mask fatigue, and increases concerntration and awareness. This means that his prize money of R300 000 and his title could possibly be taken back. This is sad news for South Africans because the runner from Limpopo was the first South African to win the men’s gold title in seven years.
  2. Chinese massage: after a well deserving hard works day, there’s nothing like a Chinese massage to reward yourself. You could just go to a professional or ask your sister, brother or friend to do it for you. Let them commit to this for atleast 15 minutes, using massage oils or your ordinary day lotion will work (tried, not tested).
  3. Lunch: it’s good to spoil yourself sometimes. Have lunch with friends. Don’t fall into the trap of eating out at the same restaurants all the time (McDonalds), try something new and order something new while you’re at it, not the same old mushroom burger, or the same old spicy wings. Re-unite with old friends. Don’t wait for school reunions, do it yourself. Take initiative to take the lead and make sure everybody makes it. Yeah let’s do it.
  4. Take a walk: no earphones, no friends or family, no dog (if you have one) just you, your body and soul. It would be nice to take a walk in a quit and safe area. Walking is good for your heart, lungs, muscles, blood pressure and bones. Make sure that your walk is atleast 20minutes long and there are no distractions, and yes, that means leave your phone at home. Oh yeah, one more thing, don’t trip.
  5. Spring clean:  when it comes to spring cleaning, most of us usually procrastinate. Most of us have all the time in the world. Schools are closed, exams are over, weekends are freezing so most people are indoors. You know what that means…. spring cleaning time. Make room for new items, out with the old and in with the new.
  6. Greet: Remember back in the days when children use to greet. Things have changed so much since then. No-one wants to greet. Even people you know, it’s always a struggle of who’s going to say ‘hi’ first. There’s nothing as forfilling as getting a smile from a stranger, and believe it or not, most South Africans do greet back. Why do you think so many people love this country (even with the crime).

most importantly love yourself and stay true to who you are, and remember, smile 🙂                       



Operation – Summer Body

Weight has always been an issue in our societies. Remember the Jennifer Hudson shock?  A lot of people were not happy with her new slim figure, but we got over it, this is what happens when some- one looses weight. Gain —————one—————- inch, and you will never hear the end of it. That my friend, is the ‘now generation’.

Look at Amber Rose the pressure is on, she gained a little weight. Okay fine. She gained a lot of weight and we are on her, now she is working her butt off to look like the model she was. Self-esteem issues! We all want to fit into that size 30, we all want that Bonang body, that’s why we call girls like her skinny fishes. For those of us that love our semi thick bodies we still want that Meagan Good or Minnie Dlamini flat stomach. For those that want to be Yellow bones as well…..see now you’re pushing it.

There are certain things you can’t change about yourself, but the weight issue, some of us can. If you’re serious about that body, start working now.

Funny how people start worrying about their weight 2weeks before summer. When all the beach bodies come out to play, only then does one decide that they need to do something about all that winter fat they gained *smh* (shaking my head).

Through many consultants, I’ve learnt that to get that summer beach body, you have to start working your ass of NOW and FOREVER. I’m not talking about bio-slim. It’s going to take blood, sweat and tears. Firstly, you need to stay away from your coffee and powder milk (tears). Have warm water instead or better yet try some green tea, it’s good for detoxing and it promotes weight loss (yeah that’s the thing all our other ‘sisters’ use). Everybody knows that exercise is good for you, so get off your freezing lazy ass and take a walk to a friend’s place, guarantee they’ll walk you back. There’s plenty you could do and I’m sure you know all about it.

I came across something interesting called a G5 (offered in body and beauty clinics), it does not make you loose weight but, it does tone your body, you know what that means – babye cellulite, I hope all works out.


I guess I’ll see you in summer.