Treated like a tramp to being treated like gold. The saying ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’ may have some truth to it. Famous for her naked curves and sex videos, many of us are familiar with the blonde haired model, Amber Rose. Her name and pictures have been popping up in tabloids and magazines, whether walking side by side with well established rapper Kanye West, or reaching tongues with Wiz Khalifa. If you don’t know this badgirl by now, where the hell have you been?

Little did you know that the 28year old has established a name for herself and is not or rather, may not be the gold digger everyone sets her out to be. Amber has done well as a model having posed for a Louis Vuitton advertisement and taking part in high profile events such as the NewYork Fashion Week. She has also appeared in reality shows and thus represented the Smirnoff brand on a few occasions. She lately joined the music industry releasing her debut single ‘fame’, you have got to hear this one for yourselves. Clearly being connected with a well established rapper could mean a big break for all of us, gifted or not.

After her break-up with Kanye West, due to his infedility with Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose started dating Wiz Khalifa. They are now engaged to be married. Congratulations to the couple, wishing them lots of happy years, babies and more tatoos.

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