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Wooooooozah weekend, AFCON FEVER!

The buzz around the country, around Africa infact, The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). We are yet to see Bafana Bafana prove themselves on home soil. Highly criticized national team is yet to face another challenge. The team is set to put their boots to the test in the opening match on the 19th of January against Cape Verde Islands (never heard of them). We wish the men lots, plenty, infact ALL the luck they need. I still think Benny McCarthy would make a huge (not literally) difference in the team.

On a better note, prepare to have your mind scorched at the opening ceremony of the AFCON set to begin at 16h00 at the National Stadium in Soweto. Choreographer Somizi Mhlongo has been working hard on the dance sequences and is excited about ‘getting down’ African style.

Tickets are said to be selling at a slow rate. I, occasional soccer supporter tried to get a ticket on Computicket but failed. It seems like the purchasing process for the average person has really been converted to finding Pythagoras. We need something more like finding Nemo here Hellooooow. (Then they complain and say we don’t support our local team). Tickets are available at SuperSpars (really -___ they cant be serious).

The top four Countries to look out for (care to disagree if you may) include…. drum roll please…. drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr…. SSSSSouth Africa, Cape Verde, Tunisia and Ivory Coast (rooting for Drogba). Lets hope South Africa makes the cut, all the best for the boys or else another coach might just be fired *smh*

Put your clique where your mouth and name your favourite team and players for the tournament.

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Hot on the Topic List




We start of the year with break-ups, make-ups, babies, babies and more babies. We are first inticed with Minenhle Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune’s break-up. We wait with battered breathe for the arrival of Amber rose and Wiz Khalifa’s child. Nonhle Thema tells the world about her bundle of joy. Lastly Rihanna has featured Chris Brown in a song called ‘nobody’s business.’

Sexy bombshell Minenhle Dlamini also known as Minnie has been dating one of South Africa’s eligible football players, Itumeleng Khune. There have been rumours of the couple getting married as the Footballer was spotted at Minnie’s home supposedly paying for Lobola. The football star who plays for Kaizer Chiefs and the South African soccer side had bought the curvaceous young lady a BMW on her 21st birthday (money talks baba). Soon to their separation, Minnie returned the car (what girl are you crazy). It has been confirmed that the couple has officially split, as Minnie had told the ‘Sunday Times Newspaper.’ Minnie has been known for keeping her personal life private and we most definetly respect her for that (big ups girl). Now the in-demand lady in single and ready to mingle as she tweeted about a ‘single ladies’ night out with her girls. As the brand ambassador for Jeep, and having associations with Motions hair products as well s the perfume brand fire and ice, the young 22 year old is set for many more endorsements to come. We wish her well in her endeavours and her career. Men are getting their c.v’s ready for the young independent woman.

Miss Amber Rose is set to be having a baby on the way with rapper, dope king, Wiz Khalifa. The soon to be mother has banned any weed smoking near the baby  (way to go Amber). Amber has showed off her belly bump to the public and looks like a bundle of joy. Allegedly to have dyed her hair black as a symbol of new beginnings for her and her new family? Maybe.We wish the couple all the best for the future and the little one to stay away from strip clubs, rappers and weed.

Queen of twitter outbursts Miss Nonhle Thema has publicised the arrival of her beautiful daughter. The former Channel O presenter has been through a rough patch, showcasing her rage on twitter. Her bitterness and childish behaviour resulted in her losing a few good deals in the entertainment industry. After the birth of her daughter, Phoenix Ivy Zime Thema , Nonhle’s whole world has taken a new form. She admits to being a hands on mom and wanting to be involved in all the aspects of motherhood. Though Laying low off the entertainment industry Nonhle has been spotted on the Nando’s add, famous for using controversial, hot topics in their advertising. Hoping the 31 year old has made peace with her ‘enemies’ and plans on making a comeback in the near future. No rapper rapper business please.

Young ‘ex’ lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna are said to be on good terms after their Kung-Fu wars. Rihanna has released her new album titled ‘unapologetic’. In the album she features Chris Brown in a song named ‘nobody’s business’ with lyrics such as ‘nobody’s business but me and my baby,’and ‘your love is perfection, you point me in the right direction’ (hehehe only they know what they’re on about. Are we sure the ‘couple’ is not a ‘couple’ again? I must say I cannot wait to see the video for this song. These two should just get on with it and be together already. We won’t say anything (shhhhh). This song is a ‘must know’ very hip and vibey lyrics and beats.

Reflect and Progress

As we wrap up 2012 I’m sure we all have some memorable moments. Some we wish to forget and others we wish we could live them all over again. At the beginning of every year we all reflect on the previous year and think about what we achieved, what we almost achieved and what we could have done better. New year’s resolution are a part of every individuals life whether it be in the form of goals, to do’s or not to do’s or a personal diary that has your dreams written in them. Many people run away from saying that they have New Year resolutions, but fact is, we all have or want to try a different method in the New Year. I mean who wants to live 2013 the same way that they lived 2012?

When you reminisce on the previous year you think about your achievements. Some you’ve achieved well, and well others you’ve failed dismally. You think about friends, the ones you’ve kept, the ones that kind of just got lost in the ocean and the new ones that you’ve made. One thing is certain though, everyone you meet in your life has a purpose. Everyone that is now out of your life has clearly served their purpose.

The year comes to an end and with no doubt you think about  what you could have excelled at; save more money, spent more time with the loved ones, buy a car, get a better job (that’s if you have one), smoke less, attend church more often and maybe join the gym. If you’re one of the lucky ones and have been given another chance and another year, take the opportunity and seize it, move away from the notion of a routine lifestyle. Yes we know you’ll be in Brazilian weave (again), we know where to find you every weekend (*rolls eyes* GoodSundae), we know you’ll be in Durban in December and we know you’ll get another tattoo (seriously overrated though). I’m not saying change your entire life, everyone needs a little change sometime, something different, something to look forward to in the New Year. Don’t be typical. Don’t be the same old Karabo or Sarah that we’ve known since 2003.

Do something different Reflect and Progress.

The New It Girl


Nomuzi Mabena also know as ‘Moozlie’ your favourite bold chick, has finally risen and was crowned the MTV Base VJ for 2012. It hasn’t been an easy road for this young 20 year old lady as she was a live finalist but didn’t win the live presenter search. Well you know what they say, when one door closes another opens.

If you watched the VJ search finale you would have seen how Nomuzi rocked the stage and killed her interview with music sensation Toya delazy. Its a good thing that she came out first. Her presence is amazing and she just knows how to get it right.

During the grand finale Nomzamo Mbatha, one of the finalists came in with confidence but I think her nerves got the better of her towards the end as she was interviewing L-tido who was one of the artists that performed on the night. Maybe Nomzamo was a little bit star struck, hey do you blame her?

Naledi Radebe, one of the other finalists cracked under pressure. Within 5 seconds of her presentation, she froze. She did manage to continue after one of the judges, Tim Horwood, encouraged her to go on. Well, It was a clear win for Nomuzi.

Yes indeed she is the new it girl. We have seen the likes of Bonang Matheba ruling the it girl position in the past years, Minenhle Dlamini for a few months aswell. Well ladies and gentlemen make way for your favourite bold chick Nomuzi Mabena. Catch her on ETV, Club808 on Fridays at 19h30 and on MTV Base a long side Sizwe Dlomo.



Patience Is A Virtue

If you have been through a numerous or a couple of jobs, you are bound to have had that one boss. The one that gives you a pile of work too data capture, the one that sends you to the fourth street knowing darn well that it’s raining outside, the one that makes you get their coffee and sends you back because you put in three sugars instead of two, ‘like how the hell was I suppose to know’.

If you’re a graduate or a job seeker you’ll know that it’s not easy out there. You probably have changed ‘jobs’ more than three times already, not because you want to but simple because it’s convenient for the company to chuck you out. Hahahhaha don’t take this the hard way but that’s just how things work these days. Its either you’re a temporary employee (temp), a casual worker, or an Independent Operator (IO). What these fancy words mean is basically that companies avoid rewarding you with certain benefits that a normal, permanent employee would receive. These benefits may include pension fund, paying your ass a bonus at the end of the year, they avoid sick leave since you get paid per hour therefore no work, no pay (and you’re not going to strike for sh*t because they will fire yow ass and replace you just like that) so get a grip and do what you have to do to beat the cycle of unemployment.

So my question is, do you regard yourself as unemployed when you’re a casual or temp worker?

When starting out your career you’ll face many challenges that will be crucial or you career and personal growth. The secret now is making the system work for you. Making sure that you have multiple flows of income is important when you’re a temp or when you’re unemployed, because believe it or not applications can cost up to R300 a month if you’re an active temp or active job seeker. Money is always a contributing factor.

‘Employment’ such as waitressing, promotions and being a cashier will serve as options for many of us. You can not be a graduate and regard waitressing as ‘employment’. As much as they say we’re picky, YES WE ARE! Sooner or later a well established company will recognise your efforts and will find you worthy for a position you deserve, giving up is never an option.

Making the system work for you means that you cannot spend more than 4 days just sitting at home playing Mavis, there’s part-time or ‘in the meantime’ employment waiting for you out there. Even if it means you’re doing it for free. Companies are more likely to employ some-one who has been doing something, rather than some-one who hasn’t been doing anything the whole year.

So let’s think about it, it’s not fair, but it’s better to adapt than to retract. The bosses that are horrible to you because they know that you’re destined for something better, they’re merely just preparing you for the future. Patience is a virtue because when opportunities come flooding you be left speechless or say ‘unemployment you can **** my ***.


Get Rich or Die Trying

‘I don’t want to be rich,’ ‘I don’t care about money,’ ‘money isn’t everything’ _____ Please you know you want some of it, if not all of it. With the new notes imprinted with Nelson Mandelas’ picture, the whole world will be wanting a piece of ‘our’ money. Imagine having a million notes of Mandela to your name. Think about it.

Now tell me how are you going to make money if you don’t take a look at how the richest people in our country do it? Suprisingly the richest people in our country are males, okay maybe its not that much of a suprise.

Yes we all want degrees, we all want husbands or wives with engineering as a career (men are gold diggers too you know), or someone with a valuable network in the tenderpreneur business. Truth is, no-one wants to have a boss and work from 08h00- 17h00 eve–r—-y sing—-le f____n day. The people at the top don’t do that. They sit at home, smoke their cigars and watch the stats grow profit after profit.

We all have capitalist intentions in us. If you don’t what the hell is wrong with you? It is said that if you are not rich as a child your chances of becoming part of the wealthy elite are slim. Most of the worlds wealthy inherited their riches (step1). Note: generate wealth for your children. The worlds richest people are known to be the most stingiest people as well (step2). Warren Buffet, ranked the third most wealthiest person in the world in 2011, drives a 2nd hand toyota. Which goes to show you don’t need society’s approval when you’re wealthy, status is in the bank and not in the car you drive. The people with the fanciest cars are people closest to bankrupcy. Live near smart people and befriend the wealthy. Not to sponge off them but to get insight on how they think and operate (step3). Another thing to keep in mind is, bend the rules a little (step4), nice guys finish last. Look at the guys that play soccer for example, altering their age *smh* to get ahead. That is illegal though. Most importantly stay away from credit (step5), spend what you have. I’m no economist or financial consultant, but I do have the knowledge of the basics to riches.

We might not all end up being ranked one of the wealthiest people in our country such as Nicky Oppenheimer, Johann Rupert, Christoffel Wiese and Patrice Motsepe. These men have one thing in common, investments, inheritance, education, brains and status. Not everyone can be wealthy but it helps getting some perspectives from the wealth gurus and take a step into their thoughts. Who knows? Maybe you will be their competition one day. If we all can’t be wealthy, why not try until one gets there? Its better being almost rich or almost wealthy than being bankrupt, blacklisted or poor.

‘Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor’ where do you want to fit in?

‘Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.’
William A. Ward

Get rich or die trying.


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Wrapping up August

Khanyi Dhlomo Khanyi Dhlomo


This month went by too fast, more months are needed to celebrate our female species. As a young lady or male, you have a special woman that you look up to. It may be a Woman that has made life easier for you and inspired you in some sort of way. A woman that raised you through all circumstances and met most, if not all your demands. If you’re on the road to a better life, have a roof over your head, attending at a top university or even If you’ve paved your way to success, you know there’s that one special woman that’s made life worth fighting for. Here are some women that deserve recognition in our country and who guide and influence many young lives.

Khanyi Dhlomo
Khanyi Dhlomo is the Managing Director of Ndalo Media, which she founded it in 2007. She is also the founder of DestinyConnect and the Editor of Destiny Magazine. Before starting her media company, Dhlomo served as the True Love magazine editor for eight years. In 2011, she made Forbes list of 20 Young Power Women in Africa.

Lindiwe Mazibuko
Hate her or love, she’s the one DA member that has made the youth listen to what she has to say. She’s brave and very well spoken. In a male dominating world of politics, she’s managed to make a name for her self, I mean who doesn’t know who Lindiwe Mazibuko is? Parliamentary Leader and the country’s fourth youngest parliamentarian, labelled a “rising star in Parliament” and a possible future DA leader.

Dr Precious Molio-motsepe
She holds a Diploma in Reproductive Health and Child Health.
Precious Molio-Motsepe the Executive Chairperson for African Fashion International. Her company owns and hosts Fashion weeks in South Africa. Her company aims to promote and develop African fashion and to bring it into global standards. AFI brings fashion designers, media, retailers and consumers together. She is also a Chairperson for Leisureworx, a motivational speaker on ‘Women and Health in the Workplace’ at the Global Summit of Women held in South Africa in 2000. She has served the public in hospitals in Johannesburg and Pretoria, specializing in Paediatrics. A Lady of many successes, a true inspiration in making a difference and promoting social development.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron grew up on a farm outside Benoni, South Africa, as the only child. She got an education as a ballet dancer and has danced both the “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker”. She moved to the United states where she got job at the Joffrey Ballet in New York. She was also able to work as a photo model. She came to Los Angeles without knowing anyone and with perserverance and ambition she was able to find herself a good agent. she has taken acting lessons and her career has skyrocketed, most lately in “The Devil’s Advocate”. A woman like her proves to any ordinary South African, that if you’re determined, anything is possible.

Those are just a few positive role models and super women. Others include the likes of Basetsana Khumalo, Bonang Matheba, Sade Giliberti, Lorcia Cooper, Sibongile Zikalala, deborah Patta, Connie Ferguson, Miriam Green, Pam Golding, Wendy Luhabe and many more.

A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.

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Natural hair trending


For the past couple of years we have seen an increase in the fondness of natural hair. It’s been a tough battle for natural hair lovers as they face the temptation of fake hair. Let me not call it ‘fake hair’ as a fancy, less derogatory name has been created for it. Urban girls and ladies call it ‘the weave’. Don’t get me wrong weave is great and brings out your outer beauty, it works for many of us. Reality is though, your hair needs to rest, imagine being stuck in a stuffy room for months? Not cool hey. Just as so, our hair needs fresh air. Different artists and hair technologists have seen this niche.

The natural hair trend has increased as from 2008 till present. In 2008, the Afro was making waves, allowing for African sisters to resist the weave since the afro was a less expensive alternative. Dreadlocks as well became a big hooha, young girls were moving towards this trend as it was then not seen as ‘i-hairstyle yo-auntie.’ Although with many attachments to the dreadlock hairstyle, it has made phenomenal changes to the fashion industry as celebrities such as Samkelo Ndlovu have been rocking it.

Famous for its status, weave has been proven to damage natural hair. Whether the weave is Brazilian, Indian, or Hong Kong, a weak hairline plus fake hair will result in a non-existent hairline *smh*. Weave does not care who you are or how much you earn. You could be the girl next-door, Naomi Campbell or Khanyi Mbau. Give that weave a chance to destroy you and you will be destroyed.

Part of the many reasons as to why natural hair is trending is that people are starting to release that these weaves we pay R500 – R 5000 for, aren’t the long term asset they claim to be. We have been introduced to better long term beneficial alternatives. In 2010 we saw the rise of ‘the Mohawk.’ Though it did not work for all of us *smh* it was sexy funk and hippy adding to the whole swagger culture. New to our KZN territory is the ‘dry curl’ and ‘dry perm’ hair-do. These have been trending in Johannesburg for over a year now, worn by the likes of Noni Gasa and Azania Ndoro.

Let us take pride in our natural hair and take care of our hairlines. We do not want our hairline to look like Naomi Campbell at the age of 26. Think long term.



  1. Watch the news: there is nothing as interesting as South African news right now. On the tip of many tongues is athlete Ludwick Mamabolo, the winner of 2012 comrades marathon. He has been tested positive for an unprohibited stimulant. The stimulant provides athletes with energy, it can mask fatigue, and increases concerntration and awareness. This means that his prize money of R300 000 and his title could possibly be taken back. This is sad news for South Africans because the runner from Limpopo was the first South African to win the men’s gold title in seven years.
  2. Chinese massage: after a well deserving hard works day, there’s nothing like a Chinese massage to reward yourself. You could just go to a professional or ask your sister, brother or friend to do it for you. Let them commit to this for atleast 15 minutes, using massage oils or your ordinary day lotion will work (tried, not tested).
  3. Lunch: it’s good to spoil yourself sometimes. Have lunch with friends. Don’t fall into the trap of eating out at the same restaurants all the time (McDonalds), try something new and order something new while you’re at it, not the same old mushroom burger, or the same old spicy wings. Re-unite with old friends. Don’t wait for school reunions, do it yourself. Take initiative to take the lead and make sure everybody makes it. Yeah let’s do it.
  4. Take a walk: no earphones, no friends or family, no dog (if you have one) just you, your body and soul. It would be nice to take a walk in a quit and safe area. Walking is good for your heart, lungs, muscles, blood pressure and bones. Make sure that your walk is atleast 20minutes long and there are no distractions, and yes, that means leave your phone at home. Oh yeah, one more thing, don’t trip.
  5. Spring clean:  when it comes to spring cleaning, most of us usually procrastinate. Most of us have all the time in the world. Schools are closed, exams are over, weekends are freezing so most people are indoors. You know what that means…. spring cleaning time. Make room for new items, out with the old and in with the new.
  6. Greet: Remember back in the days when children use to greet. Things have changed so much since then. No-one wants to greet. Even people you know, it’s always a struggle of who’s going to say ‘hi’ first. There’s nothing as forfilling as getting a smile from a stranger, and believe it or not, most South Africans do greet back. Why do you think so many people love this country (even with the crime).

most importantly love yourself and stay true to who you are, and remember, smile 🙂                       



Operation – Summer Body

Weight has always been an issue in our societies. Remember the Jennifer Hudson shock?  A lot of people were not happy with her new slim figure, but we got over it, this is what happens when some- one looses weight. Gain —————one—————- inch, and you will never hear the end of it. That my friend, is the ‘now generation’.

Look at Amber Rose the pressure is on, she gained a little weight. Okay fine. She gained a lot of weight and we are on her, now she is working her butt off to look like the model she was. Self-esteem issues! We all want to fit into that size 30, we all want that Bonang body, that’s why we call girls like her skinny fishes. For those of us that love our semi thick bodies we still want that Meagan Good or Minnie Dlamini flat stomach. For those that want to be Yellow bones as well…..see now you’re pushing it.

There are certain things you can’t change about yourself, but the weight issue, some of us can. If you’re serious about that body, start working now.

Funny how people start worrying about their weight 2weeks before summer. When all the beach bodies come out to play, only then does one decide that they need to do something about all that winter fat they gained *smh* (shaking my head).

Through many consultants, I’ve learnt that to get that summer beach body, you have to start working your ass of NOW and FOREVER. I’m not talking about bio-slim. It’s going to take blood, sweat and tears. Firstly, you need to stay away from your coffee and powder milk (tears). Have warm water instead or better yet try some green tea, it’s good for detoxing and it promotes weight loss (yeah that’s the thing all our other ‘sisters’ use). Everybody knows that exercise is good for you, so get off your freezing lazy ass and take a walk to a friend’s place, guarantee they’ll walk you back. There’s plenty you could do and I’m sure you know all about it.

I came across something interesting called a G5 (offered in body and beauty clinics), it does not make you loose weight but, it does tone your body, you know what that means – babye cellulite, I hope all works out.


I guess I’ll see you in summer.